We wish you welcome at Vasara Reindeer Ranch, our home and the home base of our reindeer herd. Come and get acquainted with the exquisite native animals of the arctic and observe our everyday life.

Reindeer have been the source of livelihood in Sámiland since times immemorial, and just as importantly, they are the source of legend, myth, magic and power. Carrying on the reindeer herding tradition is fundamental to the Sámi culture and identity.

Your visit will be scheduled at reindeer feeding time – and close encounters of the reindeer kind cannot be avoided! They ramble freely on the grounds and are often quite inquisitive, so be prepared for extraordinary photo opportunities.

After the feeding you are invited to take a seat in a Goahti, a Sámi hut. Sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee and a savory pastry, admire the blaze of the open fire and listen to your host’s stories of Vasara Reindeer Ranch.

A visit to Vasara Reindeer Ranch is bound to add a very special memory to your collection of authentic travel experiences!

This program is available daily from November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019

Duration:  1,5 hours + transfer time from Kilpisjärvi 30 minutes round trip

Price:  € 61 / person (50% discount for children 2 – 11 years of age, in the company of parents)

Minimum 2 persons

Includes:  Guiding, round trip car transfer from the Village of Kilpisjärvi, hot non-alcoholic beverage and homebaked pastry

You are welcome to join the Reindeer Ranch visit using your own car transportation. We can accommodate up to 40 persons simultaneously. Please contact us for availability and pricing.