The village of Kilpisjärvi is perched on the edge of the vast Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in northwestern Lapland. Getting to the wilderness is easiest and safest in the company of a professional guide. The panoramic vistas and the tranquility of this remote area create a unique experience.

There are no roads to the wilderness, and motorized vehicles are limited to snowmobiles driven by locals and licenced guides.  You’ll be comfortably seated in the guide’s snowmobile sledge, enjoying the ride and the views as he skillfully steers the vehicle towards the tundra.

Soon after leaving the village behind you ascend above the tree line.  The trail leads you across amazing barren landscapes which seen to stretch into infinity.  You might spot a reindeer herd on its winter pasture, a dog musher training his team or snowmobilers on a day’s outing.

During the trip you can try your hand at ice fishing – the guide provides the equipment and instruction, but if fishing is not your thing, just sit back, enjoy the exotic views and the peaceful atmosphere and take pictures.

Season:  January 7 – March 31, 2021

Duration:  4 hours