Learn how to walk with snowshoes and enjoy fresh winter air and the tranquility of Lapland’s nature.

Our snowshoe excursion starts with a 10-minute snowmobile sleigh ride to the starting point of the trek which takes place in the Salmivaara region, on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi.

On arrival the guide instructs you how to strap on a pair of snowshoes and equips you with poles. Once ready with the equipment you’re off, following the guide uphill towards a vantage point, admiring the snow-covered nature while trekking at a comfortable pace.  Regardless of weather conditions, a snowshoe trek is a delightful experience:  from early winter and the soft colors of the polar night to the spring days which are filled with light.  Snowfall or sunshine, a snowshoeing trip is an authentic rendez-vous with Lapland’s nature.

Stops will be made to explore animal tracks and to capture the scenery with your camera.  hot berry juice is served to quench your thirst at the turn-around point.

Season:  December 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021

Duration:  2 hours