This trip takes you to the summit of Finland’s highest peak, Halti Fell, which measures 1324 meters above sea level. If an experience off the beaten track is on your bucket list, this is for you!

Halti Fell is situated on the border between Finland and Norway, far out in the backcountry where no roads lead and no man lives. Halti spreads itself to both countries, with an even higher peak situated on the Norwegian side.

Seated in a snowmobile passenger sled you’ll travel through dramatic landscapes across a vast uninhabited wilderness area. Marvel at the snowy peaks of both Finland and Norway and the sweeping views of the treeless tundra which seems to stretch as far as the eye can see.

Once the peak is reached – weather allowing – log your conquest in the guest book and cherish nature’s magnificence. This trip is what memories are made of!

This program is available upon request during the winter season  2019, according to weather conditions

Duration:  6 hours