Kilpisjärvi with its surroundings is a hotspot for viewing Aurora Borealis, the elusive and mesmerizing natural phenomenon that is on most Lapland travellers’ wish list.

While staying in Kilpisjärvi you may catch sight of Aurora Borealis without going far from your accommodations, but your chances are greater if you join a tour that takes you away from the man made lights.  Join us in a Search for Northern Lights and you’ll be transferred by snowmobile to the wilderness.  Sitting comfortably on cushions and wrapped in blankets in the snowmobile sledge while your guide pilots the machine towards the darkness you can marvel at the mysterious arctic night.  The trip takes you to an open lean-to or to a wilderness hut where the guide builds a fire and serves you hot beverages and a snack.

The open views from the vantage point, the distance from the village lights and the sheltered location give you a fine chance to view Lady Aurora if she should decide to give a performance tonight.  Statistically you’re in the right place:  Kilpisjärvi boasts more frequent and greater northern lights than any other place in Lapland.

This excursion is available from late November 2018 to the end of March 2019.

Duration:  3 hours
Cost:  € 55 / person, minimum 2 persons
Price includes:  guiding, snowmobile sledge transport, snack (coffee, tea, hot berry juice, roasted sausage, pastry) 

Rental of warm clothing (thermal overalls, boots and socks, mittens) is available at a surcharge of € 12 / person.

Clothing at no charge when you book three trips with us during your Kilpisjärvi stay.