Snowmobiles are a fast and easy way to search for the northern lights. With good luck, enjoy a dancing, ever-changing light show under a star-filled sky.

Drive c. 10 kilometres into the wilderness to looks for northern lights. We will give you snowmobile driving instruction and stay on easy, well-groomed tracks. We will take many breaks and shut off the vehicle engines to enjoy nature’s silence and wait for the appearance of the northern lights in the sky.

Programme Distance & Duration: 20km & c. 1.5 hours

Price includes: snowmobile helmet and snowmobile / snowmobile sleigh.

Additional services: Snowmobile-suitable clothing and shoes for rent, Hetta Huskies farm tour

12-21, throughout winter. Book in advance (limited number of snowmobiles on safari days).

Price for a shared snowmobile: €70/person

One person per snowmobile: €140/person, €110/person (high season, low season)

Adult/child in a snowmobile sleigh: €40/person