Aurora Borealis is at home in the arctic village of Kilpisjärvi also in October and November. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the incredible calmness of the sleepy little village, and visit off-season!

The off-season activity package in Kilpisjärvi includes the following excursions which can be booked on 2 or 3 consecutive days.

Explore the Village:  A guided walk helps you get your bearings and offers a glimpse into the history and the everyday life of this arctic village at the three-country border. The tour ends at a local café for a cup of coffee and a photo trip through the eight seasons.

View the Aurora: An evening trek in the company of the guide leads you to the edge of the village in search of the lights and to enjoy good stories and coffee around camp fire.

Autumn Nature Trip: A guided nature walk takes you to admire the landscape and observe the signs of winter’s arrival, with picnic lunch on open fire.  Snowshoes or Nordic poles will be provided, according to weather.


This activity package is available from October 1 until November 30, 2018, or until the start of the winter programs.

Duration:    Explore the Village 2,5 hours, View the Aurora 2,5 hours, Autumn Nature Trip 3 hours

Cost:         € 165 / person, minimum 2 persons

Price includes:

Explore the Village:  guided walk, coffee & cake

View the Aurora: guided walk, snack around camp fire (coffee, tea, hot berry juice, pastry)

Autumn Nature Trip:  guided walk, loan of Nordic poles or snowshoes, picnic lunch (sandwich, roasted sausage, coffee, tea, hot berry juice, pastry)