During this trip you will learn a bit about ice fishing, different styles and technics. We shall also tell you a bit about northern lifestyle and nature.

First we drive to good fishing places. We try ice fishing and if you catch a fish, we can cook it for you by the fire!

After fishing we drive to some nice place for a break. We make fire and then we sit by the camp fire and enjoy hot drinks and some snacks. Our guide will tell you about living in Lapland.

Duration is 3-4 hours and driving distance is 25 kilometres.

75€/person/sledge ride

105€/person/shared snowmobile

155€/person/solo driving

Price includes sledge ride or snowmobile ride, overalls, shoes, gloves, helmets, guiding, icefishing equipments, hot drinks and snacks.

Minimum group size is 2 persons. Children under 12 years, half price.