Husky Kennel Tour and Agility Course: Visit anytime through the year for an informative 40-min tour around our award-winning husky farm and the chance to meet our c. 250 furry friends.

Hetta Huskies is well known amongst Scandinavian dog of farms for its high standards in dog welfare.

During a basic 40-minute farm tour you will learn about the ‘behind the scenes’ efforts that go into the care of the c. 250 working and retired huskies and pups as well as the training methods we use through the seasons.

You also get a chance to meet and greet as many of the dogs as you wish (there is no need to touch any dog if you do not wish to) – so please come dressed to get a little muddy if you think you are going to be playing with the dogs!

Choosing a dog to take around our self-made agility course is one possible ‘add on’ to a basic tour and is generally a very fun experience for both you and your dog.

Service:   The basic tour includes an introduction to the farm and our work with husky dogs through the year. Price includes the guided farm visit and some training on how best to tackle the agility course with your chosen dog.

NB: Generally It works best when visitors work in pairs with one dog and when adults within a family group physically hold the dogs whilst the children assist with the obstacles.

Availability: This product is available every day between 10am and 5pm in summer. For December – March, please check our online calendar or call/email to book.

Programme Duration: 1+ hour

Farm Tour & Agility Course: Adults € 20, Children € 15, € 50 Families (<5, inc up to 2 adults.).

Basic Summer 40min Farm Tour: Adults € 8, € 5 Children, Families € 25 (<. 5 people inc up to 2 adults), Bus Groups € 5 per person (> 8 people)

Basic Winter 40min Farm Tour : (Adults € 10, Children € 7, Families € 30 <. 5 people inc up to 2 adults), Bus Groups € 5 per person (> 8 people)