The spectacular Perilä-Ullatieva ridge c. 4km from central Hetta is a wonderful place to explore Scandinavia’s ancient boreal forests. We are more than happy to guide you with or without some of our huskies in accompaniment.

We would love to introduce you to some of the off-the-beaten-track trails within the ancient boreal forests of Hetta. One of our favourites runs along the stunning Perilä-Ullatieva ridge between two bodies of water, 4km from the village centre. Of course, we believe that it is always more fun to hike with a canine companion than without – especially since they help by pulling you up the hills and they  carry their own drinks and snacks. However, we are equally happy to simply show you the trails.

Children will also love this c. 3-hour hike because of the exploration potential along any one of the multiple interwoven sandy trails branching off from the main track.  A longer circular journey is also possible.

The price includes a transfer from central Hetta to the start of the hike, a guide with a map to accompany you on the walk and to introduce you to the nature and the area along the way and a dog with its own harness, skijoring line, waist-belt and doggy rucksack if you wish to be accompanied by a furry friend.

This 3-hour product is available every day from 1.6. – 30.10.2020 but should ideally be booked in advance so that we can ensure that we have the appropriate guide for your language needs.

Adults: €70

Children: €45

Families: €200 (<5, inc. up to 2 adults)