Meet Nils-Matti, 12th generation Sámi reindeer herder of the Vasara Family. Few Sámi people today are full-time reindeer herders, and Nils-Matti is one of those few.

Nils-Matti invites you to join him on an exclusive journey out on the vast tundra of his home region. First a car transfer from Kilpisjärvi to Vasara Reindeer Ranch. There are no roads in the wilderness, so the trip continues by snowmobile sledge to where exactly, no one knows, until Nils-Matti contacts your driver-guide to give him the coordinates. Nils-Matti spends most of his time out in the wilds, tending to his reindeer herd, but It’s the reindeer who determine the whereabouts, not their herder, and reindeer are led by the wind.

Close-up encounters with the reindeer and their herder are on the agenda, just keep your camera ready! At feeding time you are expected to help. Nils-Matti will then share stories of his work, family and way of life during outdoor lunch. This trip to the empire of the reindeer in the land of snow and ice is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This program is available on request for private parties of minimum 1 and maximum 4 persons from December 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019

Please contact us for pricing.

Price includes: Guiding, round trip car transfer from the Village of Kilpisjärvi, sledge transfer from Vasara Reindeer Ranch to the tundra, warm clothing and snowmobile helmet, lunch (reindeer soup or salmon soup, bread and butter, non-alcoholic beverage) and hot beverage