If you would like a behind-the-scenes insight into the rewards and challenges of life as an arctic husky guide, (and more time with the dogs, of course!), why not spend a day working alongside us on the farm? This is a particularly fun and unique activity at any time of the year - although please note that we have limited availability in the winter months when we are super busy with safaris.

As you walk in the footsteps of your experienced mentor, you will be included in the basic tasks like handling and training the dogs and socialising the pups as well as feeding once or twice a day.

You will also get a chance to join in whatever other jobs are taking place that day. And, since variety is the spice of life on the farm, that might be anything from going out on safari in the winter, training with the dogs on quad-bikes in the autumn or even helping with a kennel-building or farm maintenance project in the summer.

Lunch will be spent in the guide house, sharing stories with the guides about life with the dogs in the arctic.

Price includes: A mentor for the day to introduce you to the dogs and to incorporate you into daily life on the farm.  Lunch in the farmhouse with the staff and snacks and hot drinks as needed, through the day.

We can generally offer this product in English, French, Finnish and German and other languages including Spanish and Russian are sometimes possible, but please call ahead to let us know your language needs.  Hence, if you have a language need, please call ahead and let us know when you book.

NB: You are likely to spend the majority of the day outside with the dogs so come prepared to deal with the elements and to be tired by the end of the day.  We can give you season-appropriate clothing to wear over your own clothes but you will need your own footwear outside of the winter season.

Whilst we offer this product year-round, we have limited availability in our busiest months (between December and March).

Spring, Summer & Autumn Price (April – November): €150
 / day.

Winter Price (December – March): €195 / day.