Come and chase the Northern Lights with us at Vasara Reindeer Ranch! Here you are in the right place and in good company to witness the breathtakingly beautiful light show known as Aurora Borealis.

Vasara Reindeer Ranch is a marvellous place for viewing Aurora Borelis – it is a secluded retreat, far from any artificial lighting, in the heart of the auroral zone of northern Scandinavia.

For company – in addition to your guide – you might get a few reindeer which stroll freely on the Ranch grounds. These curious creatures may turn up at any time during your visit to improve your selfies. Just imagine the thrill of capturing a shot of a reindeer with Aurora dancing in the background!

A snack and a hot beverage will be served to you in a Goahti, a Sámi hut, around a blazing fire, and you are welcome to spend a few moments there to warm up as often as you wish during the evening.

The ambience at the Ranch, the cozy “Goahti”, the blissful silence, the alluring night sky – they all add to a precious experience not easily forgotten – even if the northern lights decide to stay in hiding.

This program is available daily from October 1, 2018 to March 30, 2019

Duration:  3 hours + transfer time from Kilpisjärvi ca 30 minutes round trip

Price:  € 80 / person (50% discount for children 2-11 years of age, in the company of parents)

Minimum 2 persons

Includes: Guiding, round trip car transfer from the Village of Kilpisjärvi, warm clothing, snack and non-alcoholic beverage and tripod (kindly inform us of your need for a tripod when making a reservation)

You are welcome to join the Chase for Northern Lights using your own car transportation. We can accommodate up to 40 persons simultaneously. The Goahti can be rented for a private occasion. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Kindly bear in mind that Aurora Borealis is a natural unpredictable phenomenon and its appearance cannot be forecast nor can it be guaranteed.