This excursion takes you to the Three Nations Border Point which is probably the most frequently visited sight in Kilpisjärvi. Its location marks the northernmost point of Sweden and the westernmost point of continental Finland and their meeting here with Norway.

Take a seat in the snowmobile sledge, sit back and relax while your guide expertly drives the snowmobile across the frozen Lake Kilpisjärvi towards the Norwegian mountains.  The landscape is magnificent!  A couple of stops will be made on the way so that you can view the village of Kilpisjärvi from the lakeside, stretch your legs and admire the scenery.  Once you arrive at the Border Point you’ll experience what is likely to be the fastest three-country sightseeing tour in the world – by walking around the Three-Country Cairn.

This excursion is available from late November 2018 to end of April 2019.

Duration:  2 hours

Cost:  € 45 / person, minimum 2 persons

Price includes:  guiding, snowmobile sledge transport, hot beverage

Rental of warm clothing (thermal overalls, boots and socks, mittens) is available at a surcharge of € 12 / person.

Clothing at no charge when you book three trips with us during your Kilpisjärvi stay.

If you want to experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile, the Border Safari is a perfect choice, also for beginners.  A rental snowmobile will be at your disposal and the guide gives you driving and safety instructions before departure.  The driving distance on Border Safari is approximately 30 km.

You need to be at least 18 years of age and in possession of a valid driver licence which entitles you to drive a car in Finland.  A deposit for the rental snowmobile will be required.


€ 130 / person when two persons share one snowmobile, taking turns driving

€ 215 / person when one person drives solo

Price Includes:  Guiding, rental of snowmobile with fuel & insurance, hot beverage