It has puzzled people since the beginning of time, and continues to be a miracle we all love. Join us for a northern lights hunt this winter!

Aurora photography tours in Kilpisjärvi. Every night, when the skies are clear, we go out in search of the green lady. In Kilpisjärvi you don’t often need to drive far – crossing the border to Norway in some nights, going some 30 km south in some, will give us a good variety of locations to see and photograph the Northern Lights. If you travel with your camera, make sure you contact Gareth well beforehand, so he can make sure your settings are right and give you a few tips already before going out. At location, Gareth will help you to get the photos your friends will be jealous of.

Even in the nights when Kilpisjärvi is cloudy, we might be able to drive to Norway and have clear skies. Thus, make sure you contact us for the night’s “go or not”.


The price includes approximately 4-5 hours trip with a small group, photography guiding and a photo or two of the Aurora and you taken by Gareth. During the hunt you have hot drinks and small snacks. Remember to wear warm clothing! Thermal overalls and boots are available for renting on request. For renting the clothes, make sure you contact us by 14:00 the day of the trip.

January – March

Departure every night at 20:00 from Tundrea (time might vary depending of the conditions, so make sure to ask first)

Make sure you contact us prior the tour. Most of our northern light tours are fully booked for spring 2019.

The price for the four to five hours aurora hunt in small groups is 95€ / person. Repeating customers get 20% discount.