This is our standard introductory 6km husky safari that starts with an informative farm tour followed by detailed sled-driving instructions before the safari itself.

Most people enjoy alternating between the exhilaration of driving the sleigh and the relaxation of being a passenger during the tour which lasts for c. 30 mins in standard conditions. The route runs through a variety of terrain and in a short space of time you will weave between trees on tight forest trails and cross open marshes, rivers and lakes.

It is such a great introductory tour to dog-sledding that the 6km trail is the first one we open after each new snow fall.

The 6km husky safari or c. 1.5 hour product includes an informative introduction to the husky farm and life with huskies in the arctic, detailed driving instructions, a dog team and its equipment, a guide who will accompany you on the safari (either on their own team or on a snowmobile, or both – depending on the number of teams in the group and the general conditions, temperature etc) and a 6km safari which generally lasts c. 30 mins.

Most people have a chance to thank their dogs by taking them back to their own kennels after the safari. Some also have a chance to build their own teams (e.g. when we know that the conditions are fast and that there will be time for this within the 1.5 hours allocated to this program.

This product is available through the winter irrespective of weather conditions or temperature.  At the busiest times of the season we might be outside for most of the day and unable to quickly respond to email enquiries. Hence, it is best to just phone ahead to see when we might be able to fit you in.

Adults €73,

Children (age 3 – 12) €53,

Solo or guide-driven sleigh €130