This slightly more adventurous 20km safari, including a warming break in a wilderness cabin, is a favorite of clients, guides and dogs because of the sheer variety of arctic trails encountered.

Many who enjoy being outdoors in the wilderness 20 kilometers choose this safari as Their First mushing experience. Beware, however, That You might need to help your dogs a little more on the hills on this course than on the shorter safaris and we might have to give you a few more driving tips in challenging conditions.

At times you will whip tight along forest tracks with lots of ups and downs and corners and at others, you will traverse marshes and frozen rivers. You also journey down and across the area’s largest lake, and take a break to eat traditional warming squeaky cheese & cloudberry jam is its far shores.

Price includes: An informative farm visit, Detailed driving instructions, a 20 km safari, hot drinks, squeaky cheese and home-made cloudberry jam in a wilderness cabin.

NB: We can offer Generally the tours in English, French, Finnish and German and sometimes Also in Dutch, Spanish and Russian but it depends on Which guides are at work. Hence, if you have a need language, please call ahead and let us know when you book. The break in the wilderness cabin includes hot drinks and a ‘forest bun’ in homely comfort.

This safari is normally available between December and April, subject to availability.

If you are booking last minute, however, please be aware That we are more Likely to have our availability is shorter (2 km / 6 km / 12 km etc) tours. Hence, please call ahead to make a booking.

Adults € 145,

Children (age 3 to 12) € 90.

Solo or guide-driven sleigh € 225