Fun in the snow

Snow can be plenty of fun! You can build things with it, dig into it, or glide on it with your sled. Every winter we have at least enough of it, it is guaranteed!

Sledding is a great way to experience just how easy it is to glide on the snow. We can’t let you leave until you’ve had a chance to experience a special northern form of transportation: the kick sled. A trip on a kick sledge is guaranteed to give you a healthy glow and smile on your face. And how about those snow shoes!  Put them on and you can go wild and free as an arctic hare across the snow. Or climb up to Jyppyrä lookout for a view of the fells under the northern lights. We also recommend a fun sporting challenge: snow shoe Frisbee golf. Snow shoes and other outdoor equipment are available for rental from local companies.

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