Mountain biking

You can enjoy the cycling trip of your life through the fells and woodlands of Enontekiö. The variable cycling terrains are unique in Finland. The landscapes change rapidly between rugged fells and more dense forests.

For beginners, suitable routes include Jatuninkankaan kierros (Jatuninkangas trail) in Ylikyrö, Leppäjärven polku (Leppäjärvi path) in the Tarvantovaara wilderness area or Pyhäkeron polku (Pyhäkero path) close to Hetta. Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy, for example, the Palosen järven polku (Palonen Lake path) in Hetta, the Postipolku (Postal path) from Hetta to Näkkälä or Muotkatakan polku (Muotkatakka path) in Käsivarsi. There are several options for enthusiasts in need of greater challenges: Korkea-Jehkaksen polku (Korkea-Jehkas path) in Kilpisjärvi, Kalkkoaivin polku (Kalkkoaivi path) in Käsivarsi, Struven polku (Struve path) in the Tarvantovaara wilderness area or Maaterlompolon polku (Maaterlompolo path) in the wilderness area of Pöyrisjärvi. Extreme cyclists can even peddle from Pöyrisjärvi, along the Norwegian border to Kalmakaltio.


In the wilderness area of Käsivarsi

  • Korkea-Jehkaksen polku (Korkea-Jehkas path) 7km (enthusiasts)
  • Saanajärven polku (Saanajärvi path) 5 km (trialists)
  • Muotkatakan polku (Muotkatakka path) 5 km (trialists))
  • Kalkkoaivin polku (Kalkkoaivi path) 23 km (enthusiasts)
  • Syväjärven polku (Saitsijärvi path) 18 km (enthusiasts)

Tarvantovaara wilderness area

  • Leppäjärven polku (Leppäjärvi path) 23 km (enthusiasts)
  • Salvasjärven polku (Salvasjärvi path) 30 km (enthusiasts)
  • Struven polku (Struve path) 42 km (extreme)
  • Syväjärven polku (Syväjärvi path) 11 km (enthusiasts)

Eastern Enontekiö

  • Palosenjärven polku (Palosenjärvi path) 12 km (enthusiasts)
  • Postipolku (Postal path), Hetta – Näkkälä 28 km (enthusiasts)
  • Pöyrisjärven polku (Pöyrisjärvi path) 15 km (enthusiasts)
  • Maaterlompolon polku (Maaterlompolo path) 70 km (extreme)
  • Sahpanpalon polku (Sahpanpalo polku) 11 km (extreme)
  • Naltijärven polku (Naltijärvi path) 17 km (enthusiasts)
  • Pyhäkeron polku (Pyhäkero path) 11 km (trialists)
  • Ounasjärven polku (Ounasjärvi path) 5 km (enthusiasts)


  • Ahovaaran laavukierros (Ahovaara shelter trail) 4 km (trialists)
  • Jatuninkankaan kierros (Jatuninkangas trail) 15 km (trialists)

You can find more detailed route descriptions through the Rewindr – ServiceTrue Lapland mountain bike trails can be downloaded onto your smartphone from here.

The routes are trails used by reindeer herders, many of whom go to summer branding spots. Please be a thoughtful cyclist and do not bother the reindeer herding activities. Close the gates of reindeer fences after you.

Mountain bike enthusiast Tapio Huttunen has prepared an equipment list for a 3 day mountain biking excursion.

More information about the wilderness areas of Enontekiö and the national park can be found on the pages of Metsähallitus.


Guide and program services and equipment rental

Local wilderness guides can provide guided biking tours, allowing you to safely conquer the best spots in the northern wilderness.

If you want adventure on a bicycle, you do not even have to bring your own bike with you. You can rent a bike from local tourism companies. The tourism companies would also be happy to provide advice on route selections.

Good accommodation and dining

At Enontekiö, you can stay comfortably in e.g. Hetta, Kilpisjärvi, Karesuvanto, Ylikyrö, Nunnanen or Palojärvi. Hotels and holiday villages offer lively Lappish delicacies in addition to sweet dreams. An independent traveller will be sure to find suitable accommodation to fit their plans.




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