The midnight sun glimmers on the fishing line. Your freshly caught fish bakes over your campfire.

Even if you only catch a hint of a minnow, the banks of the crystal clear streams and rivers of Enontekiö always leave you with stories to tell. A few minutes off the road you can find a nice spot for the entire family to enjoy a fishing trip away from it all. Real anglers head out to try their luck on the wild rivers and fell lakes. The Käsivarsi and Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Areas are excellent places for those interested in fly and lure fishing. Salmon and the arctic char, the gourmet fish of Lapland, swim in the local waters, and you can catch whitefish in lake Pöyrisjärvi. The best time to fish for salmon is between 1 July and 15 August, and the best fly fishing season is between 25 June and 31 August. For additional information on fishing possibilities, visit the Fell Lapland Nature Center. They also sell fishing permits.

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