Bird watching

The first to arrive in the spring are the snow buntings and swans. Soon the swamps, waters, forests, and fells of Enontekiö are filled with the sounds of life.

The first open waters of spring  – and the last of autumn- can be found in the waters close to the Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower. This is a popular place for any migrating birds. A rich variety of southern and northern species thrive in Enontekiö. Fell birds can be found at Pyhäkero, just south of Hetta. Good places to see birds in Enontekiö are the bird towers of  Sotkajärvi and Markkinajänkä. Lake Vuontisjärvi, lake Angelijärvi in Peltovuoma and lake Vuontisjärvi in Ylikyrö are among other splendid, easily-accessible lakes with a rich bird population. The most rewarding time for bird watching is from 15 May to 30 June.

More information about bird watching towers in Enontekiö, BirdLife Finland provides great information to bird enthusiast and with NatureGate you can recognize all kind of species even with your cell phone.

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