Guided outdoor activities and adventure in Kilpisjärvi, the Top of Lapland!

We love Kilpisjärvi! And we are pretty sure you will love it, too.

This little village of only a hundred permanent residents makes its home in the remotest corner of northwestern Lapland in Finland, near the tripoint where the countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet. This is where you’ll find the longest winter in Finland, the deepest snow and the highest mountains – which we call “tunturi” in Finnish, or “fell” in English. This is where you will find the cleanest air and the purest water and the most frequently appearing Aurora Borealis. Kilpisjärvi is the only “alpine” village in Finland and the scenery is breathtaking!

We invite you to experience Kilpisjärvi on our “Safaris & Tours”!  We are at your service all year round.



Border Safari to the Three-Country Cairn of Finland, Sweden and Norway

Husky Sled Ride

Snowshoe Trek in the Borderland of Kilpisjärvi

The Arctic Evening Experience

The Tundra Experience

Conquering Halti Fell



Let’s Go Catch Dinner:  Fishing Trip in Lake Kilpisjärvi

Border River Safari: Rafting & Fishing on River Könkämäeno.

Summer Hike with Siberian Huskies

Autumn Nature Trip, Arctic Evening Experience, Explore the Village with a Local (October – November)

Private Guiding:  Hike to Mt. Saana, Excursion to Three-Country Cairn, Hike Across Malla Nature Reserve, Conquer Mt. Halti via Guolasjavri in Norway, Hike to Steindalen Glacier in Norway



“Safaris & Tours” in Kilpisjärvi as well as private guiding are offered year round.

Are you hiking to Halti and want your car transferred to Guolas in Norway? Are you rafting down Könkämäeno and need your car transferred to Markkina Village? Call us for a safe and timely car delivery service.
  • Kilpisjärvi

    Snowshoe Trek

    Our snowshoe excursion starts with a 10-minute snowmobile sleigh ride to the starting point of the trek which takes place in the...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    The Tundra Experience

    There are no roads to the wilderness, and motorized vehicles are limited to snowmobiles driven by locals and licenced guides.  You’ll be...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Husky Sled Ride

    You and your party can now learn how to be a ”musher”. Meet your guide Martti, the owner of the husky team, on the lake shore....

  • Kilpisjärvi

    A private nature guide at your service

    Do you need a guide to accompany you on a trek to the Three-Country Cairn and across Malla Nature Reserve? Do you wish to conquer Mt. Saana or Mt....

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Border River Safari: Rafting and Fishing on River Könkämäeno

    During this rubber boat excursion you’ll admire the scenery of two countries: ...