Saami Ski Race – World’s northernmost marathon ski race on Saturday, 30th March 2019.
The race track follows an old mail delivery path from Enontekiö, Finland to Kautokeino, Norway. The 90 km race starts from Hetta, Enontekiö and the 60 km race starts from Näkkälä. The 30 km race starts from the village of Siebe in Norway. The finish is situated in Kautokeino. There are classes for men and women. The skiing style is free, and you may ski classic style on a groomed track.

More information: Saami Ski Race, Hetan Hukat ry. +358 (0)40 831 2227, info@saamiskirace.com

Photo: Timo Veijalainen

Event information

Date and time
30.03.2019 – 30.03.2019

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