Welcome to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Kilpisjärvi at the fully equipped cabins. You can hike, ski or snowmobile at the great fells.

We also arrange guided trips all year around. In winter, you can join us for ice fishing, or we can arrange you a transportation to the great outdoors. In the autumn you can admire the colours of the nature and even Northern Lights. All the seasonings for a True Holiday are here, and we are happy to help you with any other arrangements needed. Ask more about our services!

The personal cabins have a separate bedroom, open plan sleep area upstairs, fully equipped kitchen-living area, fireplace, bathroom and sauna. The cabin is 52 m2 and a lavu outside.

We arrange food services only on for the guided trips by prior booking. There are three restaurants within one kilometer from the cabins.

We are located at the Salmivaara area, near the lake Kilpisjärvi. All the village’s services, snowmobile and skiing tracks are nearby.

We produce local fish products; for example arctic char and whitefish. All our products are made of clean Lappish ingredients. Products are for sale in Kilpisjärvi. Worth trying!