Malla remains almost as unspoiled as it was in 1916 when the reserve was established.

Malla Strict Nature Reserve is in Kilpisjärvi, rising directly from the shores of lake Kilpisjärvi. Rare fell plants and butterflies thrive here thanks to the limestone soils. Some of the plants are not found anywhere else.

Because Malla is so fragile and unique, travel is restricted to the marked hiking trails in the summer.In wintertime, you can ski in the park freely. The 11 km long trail goes through the reserve to the Three Nations’ Border Point, where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet which is also worth a visit. More information about Malla Strict Nature Reserve

Malla Strict Natural Reserve is located just north from Kilpisjärvi village. Head towards the Norwegian border, and leave your car at the rest area. If you are not up for the 11 km hike all the way to the Three Nations’ Border Stone, just a climb up the fist hill will open up some stunning views.

You can also take the Malla boat to the Three Nations’ Border Point and hike back to Kilpisjärvi through the Reserve.

More information about the Malla Strick Nature Reserveyou can find from the Metsähallitus outdoors pages.

Try to identify some of the rare plants you find at the Reserve, use this link for help. Remember, that you can only collect plants from the Reserve by taking photos!