Kilpissafarit has organized guided tours, snowmobile safaris and fell excursions since 1996. All our guides are local people.

In Kilpisjärvi area it is still possible to observe traditional reindeer herding and see thousands of reindeer in their natural habitat. Kilpisjärvi landscape is characterized by Saana, the sacred fell of Sami people.

If you are looking for the best of Lapland, your destination has to be Kilpisjärvi. It is a great starting point for hiking, skiing, fishing and snowmobile excursions in the magnificent region of great fells of three Nordic countries.

Kilpissafarit is a family business located in a tiny arctic village of Kilpisjärvi in northwestern part of Finnish Lapland, about 400 kilometers north of Arctic Circle. Village is surrounded by the highest peaks of Finland, including Halti Fell (1324 m) near the border of Norway. There is about one hundred permanent residents in the village.

Guided tours and safaris Snowmobile and kicksled rental Transporation of people and goods in fell area Transfer of cars for hikers Fishing, hiking, ski and camping equipment rental
  • Fisherman`s winter day (4-5H)

    Net fishing is one of the oldest and most efficient ways to catch fish. Prehistoric ancestors mastered the net fishing technique ten thousand...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Spend a night in a wilderness camp (13h)

    The village Kilpisjärvi is surrounded by uninhabited wilderness filled with fells. This is your chance to sense the pure arctic nature and...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Private Aurora bubble (3h)

    The arctic night sky is something that you cannot imagine until you experience it yourself. The aurora bubble is an innovative way to observe the...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Snowshoe adventure at night (2-3h)

    Snowshoeing is a lot of fun, and night makes it an adventure. To make it safe we use head lamps while snowshoeing, but turn off the lights when we...

  • Kilpisjärvi

    Chasing the northern lights (4h)

    For observing the northern lights Kilpisjärvi is the best location in Finland with its daily 70 percentage chance to see the northern lights if...