Jerstitupa is located in the municipality of Enontekiö, next to Jerstivaara, 3 km north of Näkkälä village. Here you will find more detailed location information: Karttapaikka.


Jerstitupa is a modest wilderness cottage. The cottage has six beds, a living/dining area, a kitchenette, an outdoor sauna and outdoor toilet. Heating with wood, no electricity. Crystal clear and fresh running water from a nearby stream.

Please note: Jerstitupa cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills.

80 € per night, 400 € per week (sat-sat). YWCA-members receive a 30 % discount on their 2019 bookings. In the future, the discount is 10 %.

Inquiries and reservations:
Kristian Pieviläinen
tel. +358 500 209 630