Welcome for a holiday to the traditional holiday village with personality! Hetan Kota is located in the village of Hetta in Enontekiö in the Finnish Lapland.

From Hetan Kota, there are stunning views over lake Ounasjärvi and easy access to hiking and skiing trails.

This perfect place for all seasons’ outdoors activities is open all year around. In winter time there is a small café serving the skiers just by the ski tracks on the lake Ounasjärvi. In summer time, you can sit at the Lappish Lavu and cook sausages or pancakes on open fire.

Hetan Kota is an ideal location for celebrations like weddings and birthdays or even corporate gatherings. School and holiday camps are often held at Hetan Kota. Also different kinds of Christian events can be celebrated; there is even a unique chapel which will be opened this season.

You are most warmly welcomed to stay with us!

Holiday village Hetan Kota offers homely cottages and douple rooms with shared bathrooms. Two of the cottages have a fireplace.


Our restaurant is known for the home cooked meals and bakery products. It is only available for larger groups and on prior booking. For individuals and small groups staying with us, we serve breakfast.

Holiday village is located at the north end of the popular hiking trail Hetta-Pallas at the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. We also offer car transfer service for hikers.

Hetan Kota is a perfect location for family celebrations. There is a chapel in Hetan Kota. We appreciate the silence and calm of the surrounding outdoors. This atmosphere is very much present also in the traditional Lappish lavu where one can sit by an open fire.

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