The Fell Lapland Visitor Centre presents the genuine Nomadic Sámi Culture, the diversity of northern nature and the history of tourism in Enontekiö.

From the Visitor Centre, you can get advice for your hiking and skiing trips, buy maps and fishing and hunting permits. We also rent the wilderness huts at the National park and wilderness areas.

The permanent exhibition is Vuovjjuš – Wanderers. Vuovjjuš describes the Nomadic Sámi, the tenacious and self sufficient people who dwell in the fells. In addition, there are several changing exhibitions on science and arts.

Wanderers in the north and 8 season exhibitions, and the Yrjö Kokko library  present the expeditions, clergy and artists who have influenced in Enontekiö. All eight seasons are filled with magic – the power of the changing light.

Things to Do and See in Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

The hiking and skiing trails are easlily accessible from the Visitor Centre, in wintertime there is also a snowshoe route close by.


Tourist information is in Fell Lapland Visitor Centre.

You can book a guided tour in the exhibitions, maximum group size is 30 people and the price 50€ / hour / group.

The auditorium shows many short movies about the culture and the nature in Enontekiö without any cost, ask at the reception.

Kino Hetta is situated in Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, too. Movies are shown once a week, on Friday evening. Kino Hetta is closed in summer.


Opening Hours in 2020

1.1.–1.3. Mon–Fri 9 am–16 pm
2.3.–26.4. Mon–Sun 9 am–17 pm
27.4.–31.5. Mon–Fri 9 am–16 pm
1.6.–27.9. Mon–Sun 9 ma–17 pm
28.9.–31.12. Mon–Fri 9 am–16 pm

Closed on Thu-Fri 24.–25.12.

Free entry.


We reserve the right to change the opening hours.

The visitor centre auditorium and café can be booked for private events or small seminars. The auditorium seats 66 people and has modern technology, including cinema projectors. The rent is 25€ / hour or 150 € / day within normal office hours. Other times 50 € / 300 €.