Feel the nature

The nature is not experienced only by seeing and hearing, but it feels - in your guts and in your soul. The arctic nature makes you humble, and that is part of what makes it so fabulous! Once you feel it, you want to return.

On the horizon

The landscape in Enontekiö is distinguished by its spectacular open and clear spaces, which you can only experience in the treeless wilderness. Once you cross into Enontekiö, the pines and spruce trees disappear and the kingdom of the low-growing mountain birch begins.Enontekiö is one of those rare inhabited places in the world where the birch treeline runs through. The highest fells of Finland are located in Enontekiö, of which the most in area of Kilpisjärvi. The most popular ones of these are Saana and Halti. The spectacular views cannot be described by words, and even a picture cannot deliver the feeling that the view from the top of the fell gives. You just have to experience it.


The autumn colors

In September, the birch and other trees with green leaves store away the chlorophyll which makes the leaves green. Only the colors, such as orange-red and yellow remain. A dazzling palate of color is formed, the autumn colors. The high peak of this celebration of the colors is dated around the mid September.


Polar night and the midnight sun

Between the seasons, the amount of light swings from one extreme to the other. In summer, the sun shines 24/7, but does not rise at all for a couple of months in the winter. The polar night is like its own world, at least what comes to the colors. Reflections of the sun light behind the horizont can be seen during the day, which color the landscape with pastel hues. After a few hours of day light the day turns to a long night, but it is not completely dark. The moon shines its shallow light to bright white snow blanket that shimmers in reflection.


Harsh winters

Winter lasts nearly 200 days and we get the most snow in Finland. Snow generally covers the ground in October and only melts at the end of May. Enontekiö has the lowest average temperatures in Finland. Apart from humans, few other species survive here. The reindeer is an arctic wonder that has oleic acid in its bone marrow which works as an anti-freeze. The willow grouse and the ptarmigan are among the mere six bird species that can survive the winter in the northernmost Enontekiö without human help.

As the certainty of snow is coming more and more uncommon, we can guarantee that we have snow in Enontekiö!

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