We may be little bit biased in saying this, but the Enontekiö Church might well be the most beautiful in Finland. It is also a nationally significant built heritage site.

Enontekiö received a sizable donation from the American Lutheran Church to build this church. It was designed by architect Veikko Larkas and consecrated in 1952. The organ is a gift from West Germany, and the red pine baptismal font from the 3rd Company of the Lapland Border Guard. Artist Uuno Eskola has used fresco and mosaic techniques in the Lapland themed altar wall. Hung on the wall of the sacristy is one of only three copies brought to Finland of the death mask of Martin Luther.

The church is located at central Hetta village. It is actually the 6th church built in Enontekiö during the 400 years of Christian religion in the region.

If you are planning a wedding in a different kind of location, the Hetta church might be your choice. The beautiful surroundings and interior offer a guaranteed memorable day. Contact Enontekiö parish for more details.

Wether your party is small or big, local accommodation, catering and guide services will be happy to make your day even better; you can even get a local photographer and locally baked cake for your celebration.