Sotkajärvi and Yrjö Kokko bird watching towers are good places to observe the life of the typical birds of Lapland during the short but intense arctic summer.

The Yrjö Kokko bird tower is surrounded by an amazing fell and river scenery. . You can see Siberian jays around the campfire. This friend of hikers is more than happy to share your meal. The lush lake Sotkajärvi is a valuable wetland. Its typical inhabitants include smew, swan, white-tailored eagle, duck and goose. On summer nights, you can hear the vibrant song of the bluethroat, also called the nightingale of Lapland, from both bird watching towers.

Sotkajärvi lake is 18 kilometres towards Palojoensuu from Hetta on Highway 93, the tower is on the north side of the road. It is accessible by wheelchair. In the area is a fireplace and toilet. Address is  Hetantie 1635, Enontekiö.

The Yrjö Kokko tower is 9,5 kilometres from the Fell Lapland Nature Centre intersection towards Vuontisjärvi on the road 956. The best time for birdwathching is in April and May, when the first migratory birds return. The view from the tower gives to a place that is one of the first where ice cover melts in the area, attracting swans, gooses and ducks. Address is Ounastie 1257, Enontekiö.

There is also a bird watching tower in Markkinajänkkä, 6-8 kilometres north of Karesuvanto. There is no sign on the road to the tower, so it requires a bit of awareness to find the right crossroad. There can be found a fireplace and a toilet in the area. Address is Käsivarrentie 4466, Enontekiö.