​Our holiday village provides relaxed apartment accommodation and good service in a tranquil environment.

The suits are perfect for self-catering, all come with own sauna and kitchenette (dishes, cookware and utensils provided).

There are 20 apartments in four log cabins, 8 larger apartments come with an outside terrace overlooking the lakes and evening sunset. All cabins are heated with geothermal energy. Full service with provided bedlinen, cleaning (after departure) and meals at the Arctic Mutteri cafeteria available for extra fee.

The reception and a restaurant.

Meal raw materials we purchase from near and the food is wholesome home-cooked food, avoid additives, color., and preservatives. Upstairs there are more tables where you can eat Kilpisjärven finest scenery. You can see in every direction and Saana is in your arms.
The restaurant is open by appointment.
We do not serve alcohol.

Tidy suits. Natural landscapes and wildlife throughout the year. Clean air and good vibes that guarantee good night sleep. Red winter skies as the sun travels just below horizon. Blue and golden brown spring colours. Our summers are green and full of wild flowers. Autumn paints the landscape golden yellow and red. Polar night lasts for 2 month but is not as dark as people think. Midnight sun shines for 2 months – don’t forget to sleep!