Getting here

Out of the six billion people in the world, only about 1,900 live here in Enontekiö. How did our ancestors get here? We don't know, but it must have been a remarkable journey 8,000 years ago. Fortunately, your modern-day trip will be much easier.


There are several ways to reach Enontekiö.

Enontekiö has an airport which has direct flights during high seasons. Flights between Helsinki-Enontekiö start 7th of March and last flight is operated April 25th.

One weekly flight Helsinki-Enontekiö-Helsinki is operated on Saturdays. Flight departs from Helsinki 9:15 a.m. and return flight from Enontekiö departs 12:00 a.m. flights operated by Flybe also have Finnair codeshare code which allows easy connection to other routes operated by Finnair.

Book your flights directly from Flybe

Other airports near Enontekiö are Kittilä, Kiruna in Sweden and Tromsø in Norway, the distance is about 2 hours from Enontekiö from all these airports. From Kittilä there is a bus connection to Hetta and Kilpisjärvi villages and a shared taxi (call to pre book +358 400 138 262 / Elli-Marja Kultima) to Kilpisjärvi and Hetta.

If you prefer taking a train, take a train to Rovaniemi or Kolari and continue your journey by bus. Always check the time tables for the bus before booking your train tickets, as there is a bus connection only from certain trains.


By Plane

By Bus

By Train

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Getting around in enontekiö

There is lot to see and to do in Enontekiö. Your choice of transport will depend on how quickly you want to move around.


 Rent a Car

By Bus

By Taxi

 By Plane

 Auto-Europe Matkahuolto Kilpistaxi  Polarlento Oy
 Ounasretket Pre order a shared taxi (only in Finnish) Ask your accommodation for local taxis
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